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Real-time integrated business analytics and performance visualisations are one of the hottest growth areas in demand from the business-user community worldwide, across all industries. Long-established Progress OpenEdge partners, Pulse Mining Systems (Pulse Mining ERP), recognised this potential way back in 2014 to commence its own multi-million dollar investment in the development of Pulse Analytics.

How Pulse Analytics totally rebooted sales growth for Pulse Mining ERP / OpenEdge

Pulse Analytics is a breakthrough originally developed by Pulse in collaboration with Pulse Mining ERP users, Centennial Coal. Finally, for the first time, easy-to-understand BI dashboard visualisations combined the analysis of transactional data from Centennial’s ERP with data from other sources including numerous machine sensors capturing ‘big data’ from underground equipment. The display of real-time business performance visualisations for managers, with frontline teams reviewing their own performance on big TV screens throughout the site, rapidly delivered huge productivity gains for Centennial Coal. When Pulse took a video production crew deep inside Centennial’s Springvale mine operations to reveal Pulse Analytics in action, the entire mining industry started paying attention. Soon after, Pulse Mining ERP + Pulse Analytics was selected as the new business management and real-time analytics reporting system for the A$2.9 billion dollar Kestrel mine above every local and international software vendor.

Have a look at the Centennial Coal case study video, and how the combined ‘digital mine’ proposition from Pulse was so compelling to Kestrel:

This is a special 2-minute version of the Centennial case study video. The original full-length version has been viewed hundreds of times. In mining, as in most large-scale businesses, even small improvements in performance can translate into $ millions in ongoing savings.

Ashley Bosworth (Pulse) and Neil Grimes (Mannerim/Kestrel) co-presented the story of Kestrel’s selection and rapid deployment of Pulse Mining ERP + Pulse Analytics at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Melbourne, October/November 2018.

Imagine today: YourBrand OpenEdge-based solution + YourBrand Analytics

Pulse AnalyticsCan you imagine the sales and marketing adrenaline-effect of offering YourBrand Progress OpenEdge-based solution along with YourBrand Analytics to prospective users of your system, promising real-time integrated data visualisation and business performance analysis? Just like the success demonstrated for Pulse Mining ERP, being able to include state-of-the-art Analytics with your Progress OpenEdge-based product proposals can rocket your own suite of branded solutions to the forefront against big-name competitors. Also, being able to offer YourBrand Analytics to your existing customers can add great value to your products and relationships; create upselling opportunities for more OpenEdge-based users/modules; and help customers remain ‘sticky’ in resisting prospective approaches from your competitors.

Why Progress OpenEdge partners are getting the jump-start advantage

ProgressBecause Pulse Analytics is entirely data agnostic, end-user companies can adopt it no matter what ERP system, software, sensors, apps, or even spreadsheets they’re using. Pulse Analytics is already being configured and deployed in such diverse business management scenarios as mining, financial services, transport and logistics, and manufacturing. The intention is to make Pulse Analytics broadly available to industry – both directly, and through limited ‘white label’ partnership arrangements. Pulse is a very long-standing member of the Progress partner community. For this happy reason, Pulse is offering other Progress partners a jump-start in gaining a self-branded, state-of-the-art business analytics product to offer their customers.

Limited offer – MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED to get started before 30 June 2019

June 30That’s right – choose to offer YourBrand Analytics (powered by Pulse Analytics) before the EOFY in 2019 and you’ll get MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED initial setup of the BI dashboard views that are most in-demand by users of your Progress OpenEdge-based application. The value of this initial setup and configuration will be MASSIVELY DISCOUNTED compared to how much a typical prospective partner/reseller would look at investing to get a market-ready Pulse Analytics suite under their own brand. With this ‘inside’ offer, you (Progress partner) can add state-of-the-art analytics to your arsenal in almost no time. Delight your existing customers, near-effortlessly. Attract new customers like a magnet.

What comes in-the-box when you get YourBrand [Pulse] Analytics?

Display BI data on TV screens

Most industry-dedicated business solutions, like Progress OpenEdge-based vertical-market ERP systems, even with settings configured for individual businesses, share centres of management information and control that are common to all businesses using the system. Depending on the industry, the modules or functionalities within the system could be financial, operations, production, human resources, inventory, equipment, suppliers, customers, etc. Pulse works collaboratively with its partners to determine and deliver the visualisations of business performance that matter most to the majority of the partner’s customers, with instant drill-down to the transactional details. The partner’s packaged YourBrand Analytics offering is usually ready for presenting to their customers within a few weeks. So, very quickly and smoothly, your customers can have YourBrand Analytics for RRP A$166+GST per named user (or per TV display, no matter how many viewers) per month, plus a small initial setup fee (usually 2-4 days for Pulse with each individual customer setup). They’ll also have the option to get any customer-unique dashboard views developed once they experience YourBrand Analytics making huge savings and productivity gains right across the business. There’s more in it for you too. Sweet.

Stay fluid and keep all future options open with no strings attached

Perhaps you’ve read this far but think soon enough there’ll be something you can develop or tweak for yourself without too much investment. And if so, good luck. But when you’ve seen Pulse Analytics in action today, and appreciate how any of your customers could choose for themselves to begin using Pulse Analytics any minute now (it’s happened!), would you still want to wait? Just to make it even easier for new ‘white label’ Pulse Analytics partners to get started, there are no lock-in contracts. Make YourBrand Analytics part of your Progress OpenEdge-based business success story for 2019. If something else falls from the blue sky tomorrow (once it’s proven), simply switch. No strings, no cancellation fees.

Take 40-minutes to explore the huge potential of YourBrand Analytics

You’ll get to see Pulse Analytics in action using redacted visualisations of dashboards showing integrated data from different business types. Ask all the tricky technical questions you like, to a real-life Pulse Analytics developer (no sales representatives). Talk turkey on the business side with a director who gets the whole Progress OpenEdge partner situation and the challenges that vertical-market application developers are forever rising to meet. What could it cost you? 40-minutes. What can you win? Increased market-share; primary sales-revenue growth; strengthened customer loyalty – starting almost immediately.

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