When you’re looking around at BI dashboards – one of the newer frontiers in business intelligence – you’d want to be certain that the company behind the technology has the necessary commitment and scale of resources to maintain continuous product development and support.

How decades of ERP development led to breakthroughs in BI

For many years the Pulse Mining Systems ERP has been established as the leading Australian-developed solution for managing all aspects of the mining business. It is widely used in the Australian coal mining industry, for example.

PulseThrough day-to-day implementation and support for the ERP, the team of people at Pulse were positioned to respond when a number of mining companies demonstrated the need to get more value out of the massive amounts of data being generated within the business from disparate sources such as the ERP, other software/systems, and machine sensors feeding OEM/third-party apps.

Production Analytics

Example of Production Analytics

Using an agile approach to technical development and a unique style of collaboration called ‘co-creation’, which in its own right has been globally-acclaimed by business academics, Pulse set about giving the managers of mining and manufacturing companies the 360° visibility of business performance they needed for immediate, fully-informed decision-making on three levels – strategic, operational, and tactical.

Pulse implemented its first BI dashboard in 2014, displaying financial KPIs as analysed and visualised from ERP data. By 2016, Pulse had perfected the capturing and analytical ‘crunching’ of data from any sources to create real-time, actionable BI dashboards with the power to transform performance and profitability for almost any organisation – specifically focused on the needs of heavy industry with the growth of IoT.

Ash Bosworth, Director

Ashley Bosworth

The official launch of Pulse Analytics

By 2017 the number of companies and business units using BI dashboards from Pulse, by intra-network referral only, had grown considerably. There were now 20 BI dashboards in the Pulse range, and the numbers were ‘in’ on the millions of dollars being saved every year by early adopters. In terms of BI/ROI credentials, Pulse had its runs-on-the-board.

It was time to release Pulse Analytics as a new suite of BI dashboard solutions available to all companies engaged in heavy industry such as mining, manufacturing, power generation, water treatment, automated warehousing, etc.

Backed by the resources of its parent, the growing Pulse Analytics team is led by Ashley Bosworth, a qualified engineer who is gaining international recognition for his work in both analytics development and collaborative methodologies.