Webinar: Intro to Pulse Analytics for Mining [36:36]
There were almost 100 registrants for the webinar showcasing Pulse Analytics in action using redacted operations data from a real-life mining site where business optimisation is achieved through real-time performance visualisations. In mining? Review this webinar here.

Pulse Analytics – transforming performance at Centennial Coal [5:55]
Featuring sweeping aerial views of Centennial’s Springvale Mine and insights into real-life mining operations management, interviews tell the story of how Centennial Coal transformed business performance and culture through the deployment of Pulse Analytics.

BI dashboards explained by Pulse Analytics [1:30]
What is a BI dashboard? How real-time business analytics can turn big data sources and machine sensors into actionable KPIs. Why BI dashboards are the must-have tools for managers at all levels in mining, manufacturing, power generation, any heavy industry.