Ashley Bosworth

Mining Global magazine asked Ashley Bosworth, Director of Pulse Analytics, to predict the future in a two-part feature titled “Mining and data in 2017”.

These were the five interview questions asked by Mining Global journalist, Dale Benton:

What do you think will be the biggest change in the mining industry in 2017?

What sectors in mining are growing, and which ones are at risk?

What role will analytics play in companies during 2017?

Will more employees in the mining sector start using data in their daily lives?

How close to the ‘coal face’ will data get, and how much difference will it make to day-to-day activities?

One of Ash’s responses: “[We] believe that the biggest change in the mining industry in 2017 will not be from uptake of automated vehicles or other technological innovation in the hardware/machinery space, or indeed changes in work practices, but in the rate of development and uptake of predictive analytics and scenario planning to enable miners to become much more agile in the marketplace.”

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