Continuing the Pulse ethos of ‘co-creation’ in frontier development with industry partners, such as Centennial Coal in mining , Pulse has formed collaborative relationships with two SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) from two very different industries (transport and logistics; financial services) to further expand the range of ready-made BI dashboards available within the Pulse Analytics suite.

Pulse Analytics for the transport and logistics industry

There are thousands of transport and logistics businesses using whole-of-business solutions or various disparate systems to manage complex operations, financial administration, assets/workshop, customer service, and compliance requirements. Stakes are high, deadlines are tight, margins are lean, and safety is paramount. Whatever systems are used by individual businesses, with the digital shift already in progress, the whole industry could benefit from real-time business performance visualisations.

Terry Bingham of 5SBS co-presents Freight2020 technology with Grant Walmsley of CMS Transport Systems.

Terry Bingham of 5SBS co-presents Freight2020 technology with Grant Walmsley of CMS Transport Systems.

Terry Bingham, Managing Director of 5 Star Business Solutions, is well-known as an IT consultant and evangelist for the optimisation of technology deployment in the transport industry. Terry specialises in helping transport and logistics businesses become more proficient users of Freight2020, the most popular Australian-developed transport management system (ERP) in AU/NZ for many years. His work with advancing the technology of WA-based Coastal Midwest Transport has been showcased at a major transport industry software conference held in Melbourne last year.

Responding to transport companies needing real-time KPI visualisations through the integration of ERP data, Mr Bingham has offered industry-specific end-user perspectives to some new Pulse Analytics BI dashboards which will give managers the real-time pictures needed to make the most immediate time-saving, cost-saving, and risk-avoiding tweaks to business processes and performance.

Freight2020Freight2020 users wanting to harness the full power of business intelligence with Pulse Analytics will be able to have Freight2020 data readily integrated into dashboard views through the cooperation of CMS Transport Systems customer support, as with many third-party integrations for Freight2020 already available. The development environment for Freight2020 is Progress OpenEdge, with which Pulse Analytics is field-proven given the successful integration and analysis of data from other Progress OpenEdge-based business applications.

The release of Pulse Analytics BI dashboards for the transport and logistics industry is scheduled for February 2019.

Pulse Analytics for financial services analysis and reporting

Colin Wright CPA, Managing Director, 3S CFO Group

Colin Wright CPA, Managing Director, 3S CFO Group.

The 3S CFO Group provides many significantly-sized businesses with a dedicated CFO on a cost-effective freelance or part-time basis. Just one of the group’s clients, with the benefit of a dedicated freelance CFO, has grown business turnover from $0 to $15m in less than four years.

The group’s newly-launched spin-off service, “ceefo“, now offers the same expert CFOs to start-ups and small business owners for a small monthly fee. Many small business owners need the expertise of a ‘real’ CFO to help manage dynamic trends and growing complexity, so the ceefo idea has really taken off. 3S CFO Group’s Managing Director, Colin Wright CPA, was just about to commission the preliminary development of a dashboard reporting system when Pulse Analytics was presented as the potential framework to give ceefo clients all of the business analysis and dashboard visualisations that 3S CFO Group would wish to deliver – and much more.

ceefo logoHow 3S CFO Group will package and deploy Pulse Analytics to assist its clients – that’s their business.

What matters, in general, is that Pulse Analytics has once again proven its rapid adaptability for the specific requirements of any business in any industry. In this instance, the 3S CFO Group had a live proof-of-concept customised BI dashboard configuration within 2-3 weeks.